TERA Online Ascension weapon set

Finally an update :D



THANK YOU Room207 for adding UREAL Tournament engine file support to Blender Portable :D Thanks to that I can now port TERA online stuff to y hearts content. Starting with this neat, icy weapon set, which is only called "set 32" in my file, so I called it Ascension, shut up XD For more info, read the ReadMe!


Get it HERE



The matching scythe to go with the "Einstein's Rose" outfit. I had to remove the glowing thingamabobs  because they conflicted with screen effects and OBGE, but even without them this weapon is pretty neat :D



No esp, sorry.


Get it HERE


Tera Lances and Shields

A set of 12 lances and matching shields from the game TERA Online.



Download HERE

Lux Mea Lightblades

A pair of scripted dual weild light blades, which can be found on TES Nexus.



Download HERE

Aion Polaris Staff

A heavily edited version of the AION Heranas Staff with lots of moving, animated thingamabobs.

Download HERE