Here I will add descriptions of the characters I have played in Oblivion. As there is a lot to say about each of them, I'll add the descriptions whenever I have time XD Not all of the characters I list here are still my player characters, I lost a lot of my save games when moving stuff to the new computer. BUT!


That does not mean I love them any less :D


I was asked to go into (much!) more detail regarding my characters and their backstories, so every single one got a little "about" section describing just that.

Be aware

that whatever I write down about their backstories might not be as in-depth or detailed as you expected. That is because all this is just in my head and I don't take it too seriously.

Have FUN!!


The Newcomers.


Belphe - the Lady in green


  • Race: FF Bless (custom, race to be named xD)
  • Class: Traveller (custom, scholar/druid mix)
  • Weapons of choice: Dual Crescent (bladed quarter staff)
  • Alignment: neutral good


Oh man. Belphe is... hard to describe. In the beginning I just used her for face skin - practice (I ported my own sims2 faceskins to Oblivion) and tried to get used to the FF head at the same time. Then I made her eyes and wellll the rest, as they say, is history :) Her face skin has changed a lot (old: right, new: left), but she still mostly wears green, loves crescent moon ornaments and has overboarding, long white hair. Her CM version is a battlemage (I think?), as a player character she is more a healer/druid mix in my game.


Belphe is... a nature child. She loves animals and although she is not officially a druid (she is too much of a free spirit to follow a set path), she has studied the druid healing abilities. In her oppinion there are enough skilled fighters and adventurers around to save Cyrodiil - much more skilled than herself. So she tends to keep in the background in battle and take over the part as healer.

She does also know the druid animal transformation skills - but she rarely uses them... except for those occasions that require long, tiring travels. Then she loves to take the form of a white deer (which sometimes goes a tiny bit wrong and resembles more a unicorn than a deer, oh my) and takes shortcuts through the woods, undisturbed by highwaymen or hostile animals.


She is...

  • a gentle, introvert wanderer who is a healer at heart and likes to spend time in the forests of Cyrodiil.


Colour Theme: White, Green


Available for download?

Heck yes, here on the website.



Nelke - I do what I want


  • Race: n/a
  • Class: barbarian
  • Weapons of choice: Soul Crusher (2hand hammer, which uses a fortified soul gem for a hammer head), various blades
  • Alignment: chaotic good


Oh geez, little Nelke. For one: she is not supposed to be as small as she is in my game. The construction set says she is 0.800, but ingame she looks like she is 0.650 or something. I backtracked all her savegames but she was always this small and I can't remember ever using setScale on her O_o



Hold on to your hats: Nelke is actually a version of Vivio (!) from another world/timeline (whatever) which Vivio might have accidentally created on one of her "science"-y shenanigans xD That is all I am saying on the matter.

That aside, Nelke is her own, independent person who has no idea about a time travelling chick, what are you talking about. She might be tiny, but she is very strong and determined to leave her own (dent) mark in history. She is very sensitive about her height and her ears, so you might want to stay away from those topics.


She is...

  • a friendly little person who follows her whims and aids you in battle if she feels like it.


Colour Theme: earthy tones, browns, brownish red


Available for dowmload?

Nnnnope. Maybe soon.



Little dude - Y U STILL NAMELESS


  • Race: n/a
  • Class: battlemage
  • Weapons of choice: crystal quarterstaff
  • Alignment: lawful good


Aww, sigh. I have no idea why I am dancing around the idea of giving this little dude a name, he DESERVES one! I am thinking about naming him Cillean, who was my favorite little dude in my sims2 modder days. For some god forsaken reason I seem to suck at creating male characters in Oblivion and I don't know whyyyy.



Although I have not spent much time playing as this character yet, he feels like a genuinely friendly, nice guy. Like Alba, he knows a lot about magic - but without the maniac glint in the eyes she sometimes has. He just wants to do the right thing and keep the little people save - so he sometimes uses magic to help them in secret. That is also why he does not use bladed weapons but a blunt quarter staff instead. He would not hesitate to hit bad guys over the head, but bloodshed is not his kind of thing.

His only problem is money - which he never has a lot of. He keeps giving it away to the poor or lending it to unreliable aquintances. So yeah, he is constantly broke.


Colour Theme: greens, browns, gold


He is...

  • The nice, introvert guy in the background who always has a knowing smile on his face and lets you find the answers yourself instead of telling you.


Available for download?

Eh no? I am not satisfied with him yet, he needs better hair, a name, bleargh.



The Classics.

1.) Pym - the angry half-pint


  • Race: Moonshadow
  • Class: Blademaster/Battlemage
  • Weapons of choice: Thunderclap Katanas (dual wield), Crow Steel Bow
  • Alignment: chaotic neutral? xD


Not much to say here that's not already known I guess XD When I rediscovered Oblivion about...4 years ago, Pym was my first character. It took me a while to find the Nexus image share though XD Actually, the very first screenshot with Pym in it was posted here on the Nexus in September 2010 XD It's HERE.


In my mind the Moonshadow Elves are very sophisticated and mostly wear clothes and armor in black and silver - so from the very beginning Pym was "designed" that way. I do not care about TES lore regarding the Moonshadows, sue me.


Pym is a very short (0.900), very angry person. She is an excellent mercenary who will get the job done fine, but if you annoy her, she might stab you in the eye.

Personal nemesis: Harper. Harpe on the other hand is 100 % convinced that they are best friends and all threats go over her head XD The only reason why Pym tolerates Harper is because Harper can read maps - which Pym can not. She is, achem, let us call it directionally challenged. But she would never admit that.


Pym is the first of my 3 colour themed characters which go together. Colour: WHITE.


She is...

  • the short, annoyed shadow behind you, who will rescue you in a bind - but not without insulting you all the way through it.


Colour Theme: Black, white, silver

Available for download?
Heck yes, in 2 versions on the Nexus xD


2.) Ljus - in from the cold


  • Race: Lop Ears Elf (nordic origins)
  • Class: Crusader/Lancer
  • Weapons of choice: Götterfunke (ice magic induced two hand spear), ice spells
  • Alignment: lawful good


Aww, my baby :) She was created a while after Pym when Maton released his "3_bows" mod here on the Nexus. I created Ljus for those blue, glowing bows - so her colour theme is blue And her element of choice is ice.

She transformed from a cute litlte archer to a heavily armed crusader - and she was officially the first character I created a custom armor mashup and weapon for. AND her own combat voice O_o... oy.



Ljus wants most of all for the people to live in peace and help each other - but that does not stop her from going into battle if the need arises. Heavily armored and with her huge spear, she is a formidable tank. Also: AOE ice spells. So helpful.


She is the second of my three colour themed characters which go together. Colour: BLUE.


She is...

  • a friendly, polite, but very serious companion in battle who follows orders, but has a strong sense of what is wrong or right.


Colour Theme: Blue (in all, glowy variations) and silver

Available for download?
Sadly, no. At least not in this incarnation xD A few people have her, including Halofarm and TreborMarg. But that's it ^_^ I'd love to share her, but I can't get wrye bash to work <.<


3.) Alba - the red Rune Mage



  • Race: Lop Ears custom
  • Class: Runemage (custom)
  • Weapons of choice: Lasair (winged scythe) and AOE rune magic
  • Alignment: chaotic neutral with a sprinkle of evil

HOLY CRAP. She was created shortly after Ljus and completed the "trio" of colour based characters XD She has undergone so many edits and changes, it's ridiculous. The custom content made just for her reaches from various wigs over armors, weapons, skintones, eyes to spell texture recolours. She has been my player character for a long time. Fighting style: magic based destruction of epical proportions.



Alba wants nothing more than to LEARN MAGIC in all shapes and forms. You could call her a collector of powerful spells - not necessarily to use them in battle (although she does that too and enjoys it a lot OH MY GOD), but to master them. For that purpose the joined tha mages guild and sought out the illustrious Midas in the Imperial City.


She is the third of my three colour themed characters which go together. Colour: RED.


She is...

  • the scarily strong mage who ails you in battle without hesitation but follows her very own agenda.


Colour Theme:  Red and black. The end.

Available for download?
No, for several reasons. One of them is that all her custom content kills FPS like pacman - her armor Nif file alone is like 8 MB. Another reason is that she is very dear to me, since through her creation process I gained most of my modding skills. I shared Alba with Darigaz, Mahtawa, Sasha and LUCHA, because we have known each other for years and spam the TESAdventures chat on a regular basis XD


4.) Harper - the airhead


  • Race: Moonshadow custom
  • Class: Hunter (blade/bow and a few spells)
  • Weapons of choice: Shendai claws, Red Wing Bow


Hello there Harper :D If I am not mistaken, Harper was the first of my characters that was released as a companion, mostly thanks to MissAniThrope, who turned a total mess of a file into a shiny standalone companion. Somehow her file was leaked long before I officially released her as a companion on my old website, but I can live with that XD


Harper is kind of an adorable ditz in my mind.

At some point in her life, this walking desaster decided to become an adventurer - and the drama unfolded XD Since she could not decide what kind of combat to specialise on, she carries battle claws, a bow and uses destruction spells. Leeeets just say her aim is terrible, no matter what she uses.

She is 100 % convinced that Pym is her best friend, totally ignoring the fact that Pym wants to STRANGLE her like, every few minutes.

In spite of her clumsiness, she is fiercly loyal and a very good friend.


She is...

  • like the annoying relative you didn't know you had who really wants to help any way she can, but most likely ends up shooting you in the back /setting you on fire by accident.


Colour Theme: Eh, reddish and some grey, or whatever she fancies atm

Available for download?
Yes, she's here on the website in the companion section.


5.) C - The arsenal



  • Race: Moira Lop Ears custom
  • Class: Berserker
  • Weapons of choice: Romuska's ANIMA (twohand sword), blades of various origins
  • Alignment: Neutral good with sporadic anger issues

Ehehe. Her name kind of happened, since very early versions of her save files were corrupted by a C++ Runtime error XDD It kind of stuck. She is kind of a female version of tall dark and broody XD Minus the broody. She always wears dark armor, a scary helmet and a black wig with a huge ponytail. She is the character I once created the "C's eyes" for. In my game her combat class is berserker XD She always carries a huge arsenal of swords around.



With the dark armor, the tatoos, the eyes and the weapons C kind of looks like the clicheè badguy - which could not be further from the truth. She really is a kind and friendly person who wants to help whenever she can. Everything would be perfect, if it wasn't for her spontanious bouts of anger and what she calls "battle rage" - whenever that happens, she litteraly "sees red". So her villan-y getup is more to keep people away (and save) than anything else.


She is...

  • the best backup you can have in a battle and despite her scary looks and anger issues, she has a kind heart and strives to do the right thing.


Colour Theme: Monochrome. Except for her weapons, those are very colourful.

Available for download?
Not yet. Darigaz17 has a test version of C's companion file, but aside from him nobody has requested C yet. If there is a demand, I might release her XD

6.) Nimue - the classic elf



  • Race: Moira Lop Ears custom
  • Class: Knight
  • Weapons of choice: Astroranem (one hand sword), Light Shield
  • Alignment: Lawful good

Sigh, Nimue <3 She somehow turned out looking like the classic Record of Lodoss War elf. She came a long way from simply being my Sciath armor model to a real player character and then being turned into a companion. Like C, she uses Moira head 4, which is a really difficult head mesh to model in character creation. She is the only player character I have that weilds the classic sword and shield combination. I suck at it to be honest XDD



Nimue is a lady. That is the best way to describe her. She goes into battle in style and sticks to rules and laws. Honour is very important to her and she would never betray her own morals. She also feels very responsible for those she travels with and has a dendency to be a secret mother hen.


She is...

  • the stickler for rules who sighs and rolls her eyes behind your back whenever you do something reckless or stupid.


Colour Theme: Earth tones

Available for download?
Sadly, no. >.< I never thought of it, don't kill me


7.) Esme - the purple summoner



  • Race: Moonshadow Gypsy custom
  • Class: Summoner
  • Weapons of choice: Mist Reaver (scythe), her summons
  • Alignment: Chaotic good

Wheeee Esme :D My little gipsy elf summoner XDD Like Alba, I used Esme in several of my YT videos. She weilds a scythe and a little pet lich that floats over her shoulder. For Esme I created a ton of summonable creatures, including the sisters Desmone and Thanatos <3



Esme is a quirky, good natured traveller, who is very socially awkard - so she mostly prefers the company of her pet lich to actual people. She is the Cyrodiil equivalent of a nerd with a vast knowledge of weird, mostly useless facts.


She is...

  • the slightly weird gypsy who loves her summons dearly and you can never be sure if she is talking to herself or to a summon you just can not see.


Colour Theme: Purple. Duh.

Available for download?
Yes, the is here in the companions section, with her little Lich and everything XD


8.) Nanatsusaya - the Nine Tails



  • Race: Nine Tails
  • Class: n/a
  • Weapons of choice: Sakura Blossom Naginata, her claws
  • Alignment: n/a

OK, Nana is actually a wearable full body costume and not really a character, but I used her as a player character for quite a while :) I made her from head to toe, including the custom texture for the creature head xD which is property of the Mysterry of Mausoleum-modders.



Again: she is a costume. There is not much to tell here XD But if you insist...


She is...

  • an etheral creature from Japanese myths who has the ability to transform into a true, nine taled fox.


Colour Theme: Red and white

Available for download?
Yes, she's on my website under armors, since it's a costume XD


9.) Mini elf - why u so smol


  • Race: Lop Ears Tiny (not mini XDD Custom)
  • Class: Adventurer (custom)
  • Weapons of choice: daggers (various)
  • Alignment: n/a

Yeah, she doesn't have a name >.< I used her a lot as a player character though. You can see her in several of my YT-weapon videos. She's tiny (somewhere around 0.600), has a cute little pony and loves adventuring.


Colour Theme: brown, beige, etc



See Nanatsusaya XD This little girl was created to test out weapons in my YT videos, so she never really had a backstory to begin with :(


She is...

  • a cute, nameless little thing who is most likely on an adventure with Mahtawa's Karin right now.

Available for download?
No xDD I honestly never thought about it. But if you like characters like her, visit our Deviantart community, Sasha released his very own adorable elf there!


10.) Aska - saving Cyrodiil is serious business



  • Race: Human
  • Class: Knight
  • Weapons of choice: Hellsword (twohander)
  • Alignment: neutral good

Maybe the most "lore friendly" character I have :) Through her creation process I learned a lot about porting stuff :D The chestplate of her armor was ported from Skyrim and the headpiece is an edit of Iorveth's headband from The Witcher 2. Her armor is based on The Torumekian Knight armor by KURESE/R18PN.



Serious Aska is serious. Aska was my first atempt to create a lore friendly character. So she is basically a warrior from Bruma who set out to save Cyrodiil and close those annoying Obivion gates.


She is...

  • a loner by nature who takes the quest to save Cyrodiil very seriously, so move aside, thank you.


Colour Theme: Dark grey, dark red

Available for download?
No, but you can download her armor + the headband on my website :D

And, last but not least:

11.) Vivio - Steampunk ahoy!



  • Race: Human
  • Class: Tinker (custom)
  • Weapons of choice: Gear Scythe, Gear bow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Why hello there :) Vivio has gone through a lot of changes, once she was a classic ranger, but recently she has settled into her steampunk-y self. My "Einstein's Rose" mashup was made with her in mind. She has only one arm (the other one is artificial with lots of gears) and always kills my FPS whenever I play her.



Steampunk! Vivio is what you might call a "scientist" with no regard for "theoretical science". Why write down long, winding theories if you can just, you know, blow up some shit? She loves Dwemer stuff, might have actually travelled through time once or twice and breaks the lore so hard it hurts.


She is...

  • the Cyrodiil equivalent of a crazy scientist who has seen things and hey wait, what are you doing, that is so outdated, let me build you something better!


Colour Theme: Well, Steampunk xD

Available for download?

Thats it XDD