Circlets part 1: Bless




Trying to get back into the modding groove, I decided to start with something easy XD And since I have amassed a good amount of circlets from various games, I thought why not :D So this mood will be updated as I go along.


Starting out with 5 circlets from Bless Online. They are set to the tail slot, so you can wear other jewelery or wigs together with them. You can find them in the Testing Hall (suprise! XD) in that one room at the end of the row of the doors with red backlighting. Just look for a tiny ayleid chest (suprise the second!)


Get them here:


Sorry for the crude link, but my internet has been crappy for a while now and not all jimdo functions agree with it at the moment.

Request fill: Nelke's Ears

What's this?
I got several requests for Nelke`s ears, so here they are XD Actually I got requests for Nelke as a companion, but she is one of my babies and I am kind of not ready to let her "go" yet XDD Maybe soon.
The ear mesh was ripped from a BLESS Online monster (the Succubus to be exact), so they will never be released on the Nexus ;) they are also kind of low on the details, so I cranked up the poly count a bit - the result was so/so.
The ears are accessories, not actual ears. They come in two variations: with and without earrings.

Since I am hoping SOMEONE out there can turn them into actual ears usable with race mods (I have no idea how to do that xD) I already edited the texture so that
- it matches the vanilla imperial skintone (somewhat XD)
- you only need one texture for the skin  and the earrings

If someone knows how to turn these into real ears with egm files etc, I would be so greatful! Should I release Nelke as a companion someday, I want her race to be actually playable, so she needs her ears XD Also: the skin texture of the ears that came with the Bless Online mesh SUX big time, so if someone could make a better one <33

The ears will be part of my next wig mod update so they already have the folder structure of my wig mod.



chak <3

New elf ear accessory mesh


New Elf ear mesh resource (for wigs, not races!)

Found online, I sadly have forgotten where exactely. I think they are from a japanese 3d dating sim game? xD I claim no rights! These are to be used with wigs, add them to your game as accessories (tail slot should work best if wigs hog the amulet slot) or to wig nif files.

The ears come in 2 sizes (original is the bigger size, I made the smaller version for personal use but added it anyways XD) and with or without matching earrings.

These are going to be added to the next update of my wig mod, so they are already in the wig directory. I just thought I'd release some stuff early since I have been so inactive *cries*


Get them HERE

Ouroboros Amulet

Oh man I really hope this mod works, since I made the esp at 6 in the morning before rushing to work XDD


So, what is this? It's the ESO - logo (you know the one with the lion, the dragon and the eagle) as an amulet :D I found a very low poly mesh of it on the net, no textures etc - and went nuts. I used the original ESO textures and boy, it took forever to get right. But finally, HERE IT IS!

Since the leather cord is a bit longer than the vanilla amulet length, there might be clipping issues with large cup sizes or bulky armor.


chakaru witgs 2.0 !!

Finally, it's done :D


This file includes all the old wigs, some fixed stuff, the ears, etc PLUS several new wigs with and without accessories!! This of corse includes Marie Rose's hair from DOA5 from the previous release. In here you will find Sims3 ports, Poser hair, video game hair (DOA5) and random wig mash-ups I made along the way. It's a total of 20 (TWENTY!) wigs in 5 colours each. YAY!






Some of the new wigs have extra versions with accessories, like Kikyo and Riluaneth. That's a suprise :) I decided to not add the accessories as extra items to avoid item slot - hogging.


Since this upload includes ALL of the previous wigs, please allow it overwrite the old stuff. Also: since I have no way of testing the new wigs ingame, please let me know if something makes your game go boom.



AAAAND HERE YOU GO!!! (Mediafire)
AAAAND HERE YOU GO!!! (4shared)





I forgot to add the Northern Star wig ;_;


Added, with updated esp. Hurr. Drag, drop, overwrite, you know the spiel.



Get it HERE (Mediafire)

Get it HERE (4shared)


chakaru wigs add-on: Marie-Rose hair from DoA 5 Ultimate


Ehehe :D I have always loved Marie-Rose from Dead or Alive Ultimate, so here have her hair as a wig :D It comes in 5 colours, no ears attached, sorry. There is no stand-alone esp at this time, the included esp is just an update for my chakaru wigs mod to add this wig to the set.


Get it HERE

chakaru wigs


It is done :D


Have a pack of wigs and wig mash-ups from all over the place. It was a lot of fun to make these, so I hope that you like them. Since I got my CS to work again, these come with an esp! YESSSS :D




Get it HERE




!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

Since the "Scarlett Witch" wig is prone to crash your game,

I fixed the meshes. Please overwrite the old one with these.

Be aware that these are ONLY the meshes, you still need the full wig pacl

for the textures.


Get the Scarlett Witch fix  HERE