Random Stuff

Here I will post stuff that does not really fit into the other download categories XDD You will see why once I start posting it XDD

TERA Resources - "Great the Sky" edit

Yeaaaah... so.

I have decided to upload my crappy TERA environment stuff XDD I bastardized hdela's beautiful mod "Great the sky". Nothing from the original mod is mine :)



Get it HERE




3 more female combat voices

Even MOAR combat voices for female characters. All three are ripped from the ANCIENT MMO Metin2. Especially the "elf" one is very pretty in my oppinion :D I love it and use it a lot. A little tutorial on how to add the voices to a race is included.

Get it here: http://www.4shared.com/rar/-dq-YqY9/3_combat_voices_for_Oblivion_b.html


Soul Calibur Seung Mina combat voice

An Oblivion female combat voice that uses voice files from Soul Calibur's Seung Mina. The japanese original version, of corse.  I did not use many of the taunt, mostly just the battle voice. Examples:



 Get it HERE