Oblivion Mod Graveyard

Well well, what's this?

It's an idea from back in my sims2 modder days, when a few modders banded together to locate old mods which had disappered from the modding sites and make them available for the community again. This happens in all gaming communities for various reasons and it's a shame that so many modders quit modding and take their mods down never to be seen again.

So if you have a request for a mod that is not available for download any more, maybe I can help you out. If YOU have a mod on your harddrive that is no longer available for download and that you want to share, send me a link and I'll put it up here :D


I am not going to violate the modders wishes though. If the original modder clearly states that the mods are to be kept off the net, I am not going to upload it. Just to be clear.

Oblivion Rusk Attack System by Saint K


After posting this video forever ago I got a ton of messages about this mod, since Saint K took it down not long after uploading it on the Nexus. No idea why :(  So here it is. I did not have the original download file anymore, so I used TES File Packaging to find all the file parts. I hope it works XD 

About the mod: it adds an ability to your character which is used like a spell. If your timing is right (and that's a big IF, because it's very hard to pull off), your character rushes towards the enemy and you get a dmg report message in the top left corner of the screen. The dmg amount depends on the weapon, there is no ini to change that.


Get it HERE