Oblivion Links <3

Lucha's Grove

Lucha's wonderful place for Oblivion and Skyrim stuff and resources. I love her wigs, and the Nobody Race is just stunning. Check it out!


Requiem Chronicles (OUTDATED!)

Darigaz' little jimdo corner - wonderful mash-ups, tutorials, etc! Will be moving to tumblr because of jimdo's recent blog-nuking spree.


Where no one goes  (NEW!)

Darigaz' tumblr where he will be hosting his Oblivion stuff from now on!


MissAnithrope's Mods

Awesome mods for Oblivion and Skyrim! Also hosts the mods by Tairensoul, Naihaan and Oblivkitten! Go go!



Room207's blog. If you are looking for male stuff and oh!! Hairs for Oblivion, this is the place for you

Sasha Didlit and Company

Sasha's brand new site! Say hello and take a look at his creations :D He is the third one of our merry TESA - modders group to migrate to Jimdo <3



Mahtawa is heeeere :D He finally caved and made his own website :) Are you looking for sexy armors


Mahtawa's Tumblr!   (NEW!)

Home of Maht's beautiful Oblivion screenshots, starring Faye, Aveline and her other characters. 


ObliviKitten's tumblr!!  

How did I not notice this? Go there and check it out!


Through the Oblivion Gate   

ElAlquimista's new blog! :D I am so happy about this, you have no idea *dances*


Naritete's tumblr

Soooo many cool screenshots! Go go!




Where it all started :) Drop by, make an account and chat with Darigaz, Sasha, Mahtawa, me and the other crazy people over there xD