Vagabond armor

Yeah yeah, the name is stupid, hue hue. My muse has left the building.


Whoa, this took long. Ok I admit it, I have been sitting on this one because I originally made it for Nelke and really like it a lot. But this was always planned as a release, so here it is :)



Finally something lorefriendly XDD I added a lot of Skyrim stuff, including weapons, bags etc. You can find the armor at the Divine Elegance in the IC. It's in one of the cupboards to the left after you enter.




3 TERA Elin dresses

Aaargh, I had planned to add so much more to this, an Asker Online dress, wigs... and then everything kind of went on strike ingame and I lost it and concentrated on the 3 dresses only to get them ready for release. I AM SO SORRY!! Still, here they are:


I tried to get as close to the ridiculous Elin anatomy as I could XD Still there are a few problems. The mage dress chestplate has some clipping issues in certain poses and the legs of the upper legs of the heavy armor are NOT skin, I just colored them in a pale skintone. Any texture I put on them was totally distorted. So yeah, you will have to make do >_<


The sorcery Apprentice

Yaaay! This was a long time in the making :D  It`s a male fatasy outfit (gasp!).
I converted this from the game "Sorcery" a LONG time ago. Back then I fell in love with the ZELDA-esque design, but as you all know I kind of suck at creating male outfits. So when the shoulder area clipped terribly, I sent this to Room207. And after a kind of pathetic "HALP ME" shout out to him, he fixed my clumsy porting attempt and sent it back to me in a flash.

Still I kind of forgot about this thing >_< FORGIVE ME!!!

So, here it is.
A special thank you to Room207 for helping me and fixing it!!!

I also added a Quarterstaff with a bit of magic sparklestuff as a weapon (2hand and staff version) AND an experimental, male wig mashup xD It has no ears, so you will have to add ears from a wig mod.

You can all of this in a glowing jewel (that's the box XD) in the divine elegance in the Ic market district!

Get it HERE

Mash-up: The Forrester


It is a female outfit for Rangers, Scouts, Forresters, you get the picture XD It's a mashup using parts from all over the place, some from Skyrim, some from Oblivion, Some from Witcher2, some from TERA.

I also added a custom weapon set, which was ported over from Skyrim.


You can find the stuff in a tiny ayleid chest in the Slash n Smash in the IC. GO GO!

Get it HERE

4shared mirror: HERE

Belphe's Travelling Gear male version


This is a re-upload, since I accidentally deleted this from this website, herp derp. I am totally sorry. This is the male version of Belphe's Travelling Gear. It has given me a lot of headaches and still isn't perfect, but I like it ;)


Get it HERE

Bless Online Rogue outfit m/f




 It is done :D This nice outfit fits for ranger and thief class characters and can be found in the....

testing hall. Bask in my originality. Anyways. It comes in male and female version in a nice, dark forest green. Also: you get a Bless Online 2hand sword as a bonus. WHEE!


Get it HERE




The Druid A-Cup BETA

This is a BETA version of the Druid A-Cup mesh, so please try it out and let me know if it works.




The original The Druid file is required, since this upload does not include textures!! Please read the README for information concerning replacers.

Get it HERE

Death Robe Lingerie


Sooo, this thing is really... revealing for my standards. AHEHAHEHAHA. Anyways.It's a mash up of Aradia Lingerie and Vindictus Death Robes. Hence the glorious name. Find it in the testing hall, as usual. Further information see ReadMe.


Get it HERE


The Druid




Finally :D
This is a Druid-ish outfit I had originally planned for CM Belphe (The model in the pic xD). But since that will still take a while to finish, I am releasing this outfit as is. It is mashed together using parts from Osare's Skyrim Hotpants and the ingame model of the Prince from the Prince of Persia game from 2008. I added several other things like bottles and a flower bag etc.

This is a HUGE mesh. It might kill your FPS. And if the outfit alone has an impact on your FPS, please don't use the necklace on top of that. Yes, there is a necklace and yes, it is high poly. SORRY NOT SORRY xD

But it was not made by me. Room 207 over at ported the original Prince of Persia outfit!!! It's not the "same" outfit in male form per se, but they use a lot of the same mesh pieces so they work as a set :)




This outfit caused several clipping problems and had a missing texture,

so please re-download the file!!

I also had to replace the super-short shorts with a skirt mesh to make it work.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.










Pym's Equipment

So, by popular demand, I am uploading Pym's version of the Black Velvet armor, her Thunderclap Katanas and the Crow Steel Bow + arrows. This equipment set has it's own esp, since the swords are scripted for dual weilding and also have a special attack.




The "quiver on hip" is an accessory, the usable crow steel arrows are positioned on the shoulder like vanilla arrows, there is no way to change that >.< I am sorry.




Einstein's Rose

This is the first release of the little "series" of Vivio's Steampunk outfits. It is a VERY detailed, huge mesh, so I reduced the size of all textures to 1024x1024 to avoid FPS drop of any kind.



Since this is a steampunk inspired time traveller's outfit, the name of corse is a salute to the Einstein-Rose-Bridge theory which is often abused in time travel stories XDD I IS SO SMART 8D

This outfit even has a little backstory to tell if you look closely. Starting out with the frilly backskirt that is rigged to the tailbones. It kind of hints at the fact that at some point (maybe at the beginning of the journey?), this outfit was actually a dress and the backskirt and the blouse are the only remaining parts of that dress. Coninued with the old pocket watch amulet and the rather modern looking glass vials on the belt up to the (requested XD) steampunky, mechanical arm which is Vivio's signature accessory. You can also find the matching scythe weapon in the weapon category here on the site :D


No esp, sorry.


Get the outfit HERE


1001 Nights

By request: Alba's outfit from my latest screenshot on the Oblivion Nexus. For me, Alba's origin was always kind of oriental. so this mash up woked fine :D



As usual, there is no esp. Still don't have a new computer, so all the stuff I upload will be esp - less since the Construction Set doesn't work either. Still, have fun :)


Get it HERE



TERA Highelf Male outfit

This is a very simple, clean Elven outfit from the game TERA online:




But I fell in love with those stompy boots :D


There is no esp since I can't play the game at the moment, but I added a tutorial

on how to add the outfit to the game :)


Get it all HERE



Kingdom Under Fire - Celine's outfit


Better known as the outfit Belphe wears in most of my screenshots XD So, by request, here you go!



This is not my best porting job, since I had to hack off a lot of tiny parts to make it work with the Oblivion body. But all in all I like it a lot ;D Especially those boooots <33 You can find it in a tiny (!) Ayleid box in the Testing Hall.


Get it HERE



Belphe's Travelling Gear


FINALLY :D It's done <3




Is your character an adventurer? Perfect! Than this is the mash up for you :D It's as close to lore-friendly as I am able to get (usually my urge to add shiny things is stronger XD) and it's cluttered with useful thingamabobs for your travels, including a sword, a quiver, potion bottles, pouches, ingredients and a nice book in case you get bored along the way. As an added bonus you get the most awesome boots I could find.


Beware: this is a huge file. Many of the mash up parts are ports from Skyrim with huge textures. All the thingamabobs on the armor are PROPS, you can not use them - that includes the sword and the quiver, they are just for show. 


Find this mash - up (and a second version with a backpack) in a tiny (!!) Ayleid chest in the IC market district close to one of the 2 huge statues. Hint: go there during night time, Ayleid chests glow in the dark XDD



Get it HERE


ArcheBlade - Valle's armor (second suit)


Wheee finally :D



Valle's armor plus her horns and warhammer. Find the items in a small ayleid chest in the IC arena district. It's a bit hidden, you have to look for it :D


Get it HERE



Get the fixed ESP file HERE


Thank you usernamesux for the bug report <3


Aquitaine armor + TERA horse



This took forever and I am sorry for that, but I am a perfectionist and I HATED all the helmets I made for this armor. I deleted like, five drafts ._.  But now here we are :D



As you can see, we have three helmet variants: open helmet, closed helmet and just a headpiece. The armor has an "arm shield" on the left lower arm, which is part of the armor, not an accessory. Also: sword :D Find the pack in a chest in the IC market district close to the Three Brothers Goods.


The TERA horse is *BADAM TSSSH* part of the download :D It is located in the back pf the IC stables.


Get it all HERE


Gunslayer Legend outfit (Male) + Yaag's FF13 hair

This is a male outfit from the game Gunslayer Legend. All XNALara models from this game have recently disappeared from the net, so I am glad I snagged this one.



As a bonus you get Yaag's hair from Final Fantasy 13 as a wig in 5 colors. I also put TERA Castanic ears on them for the LULZ. :P  You can find the set at the feet of the woman's statue in the IC Arena district.


Get it HERE


Time Traveller Alt

This is, embarassingly enough, the very first version of the Time Traveller. In the end I did not use it, no idea why xD Since this is just a basic mash up, you are free to edit it as you please XD But post screenshots on the Nexus or else XDD There is no esp in this, just mesh and textures.



Get it HERE


Teraviridinium armor port

A port of Histeria and Vie's Teraviridinium armor mod for Skyrim. I claim no rights. Because nothing I create is ever bugfree, there are some tiny clipping issues around the knees, but they are barely visible.



The armor and the helmet can be found in a small Ayleid box in the IC market district at the feet of one of the two huge statues. The helmet is a little big, but I made it that way with all those huge Sims2 hairs in mind XD


Get it HERE


Soul Calibur 5 - Hilde's "Musketeer" outfit

The original plan was to convert Hilde's SC5 "armor", but since  that file is not availabe, I did the next best thing and converted her beautiful "Musketeer" outfit.



The ouftit comes with the hat accessory, Raphael's rapier and the spear/banner, which is actually a torch. I chose to rig it that way because it forces the character to hold the spear vertically even when the onehand weapon is sheathed. To find the set of items, head for the IC Aboretum district and watch out for a tiny version of said spear.


Get it HERE


Zafina Butterfly

By popular demand I am releasing this first instead of my other (almost done) WIPs XDD




It's Zafina's alternative (3p) outfit from Tekken 6. Took a while to get this done, but since I fell in love with this otufit on first sight, it was fun to work in XD It komes with the hair accessory and, yay, an esp XDD For the location please read the ReadMe :P


Get it HERE

Dark Valkyrie Set

Yipiiiie, finally my baby is done :D Took me a while to finish and maybe I went a little overboard, but I DONT CARE *shakes fist*



- 2 armors (1 version with wings)

- 1 helmet

- 1 weapon + special attack script



Get it HERE



Get the missing Sound folder HERE




Missing "fireopenlarge2" texture folder HERE

Nanatsusaya Costume

Finally XDD That was a piece of work. But I got it done plus a little thing extra just for you guys <3



It is a full body costume, so it can be worn by any character. Head, hair and tail are part of the outfit. The tailmesh is still a beta, it looks funny in some situations, but it should work as an actual tail for a race. Try your luck XDD Anyways. Nana comes with an additional accessory, which you can see in the screenshots.


Visit the IC Aboretum and watch out for a tree that surely wasn't there when you last went there? XD


Get it HERE

The Black Velvet

An armor I made for my character Pym. For this I bastardized TONA's Ritter armor from Skyrim, the Nighthawk outfit and some Vindictus stuff XD No esp guys, you will have to add the armor to the game yourseif. Sorry.


Get it HERE




If you are experiencing skin colour problems with this armor, please download

the fixed mesh HERE


Thank you Larite for the bug report <3

The Time Traveller

A Steampunk inspired armor I made with Darigaz17's character Revy in mind, consisting of KURESE stuff and parts from a Sinblood New Vegas outfit which I ported to Oblivion. No esp guys, sorry.



Get it HERE


The Torumekian Knight

A mash-up I made for my character Aska. This also marks the first armor I ever ported from Skyrim - at least in pieces XDD It consists of tons of stuff by TONA, boots from WAC, a cape by hentai etc etc. A lot of texture work has gone into this. As an extra, you get Iorveth's headscarf from The Witcher 2. No esp, sorry.

The armor of corse is on the LEFT in the screenshot XD



Get it HERE


The Eagle

A retextured armor mashup using armors from TERA and Soul Calibur. Location: The "test poitions" chest right next to the entrance to Hawkhaven. The "Redone" version will be added as soon as I have the time to re-upload it :D




Get it HERE