This here is where I will post stuff that is even more sparkly than usual and doesn't really have a purpose aside from being pretty and sparkly. HUZZAH! 

The Killing Moon Retex

By request :) - now with fixed download link XD Sorry about that.


Of corse you need the original, since this is a retexure/replacer! So if you want to keep the white version, save that one somewhere else first! 


Get the original HERE

Get the retexture HERE

(link has been fixed!)

By popular demand: Wingshot!

When I released by Crimson Wing bows back in the day (waaay back), I got a lot of requests for my red-themed, edited 3_bows mod called "Wingshot". Well, here you go! :D



Like the original mod, these are scripted "homing arrows", meaning they lock on a target :D The rest is explained in the readme.

This of corse is all based on maton's glorious work! All I did was adding even more sparkly stuff. And wings. The winged bow in the second image is also included, AND the red arrows! Finally :D And: this mod is COMPANION FRIENDLY! Give them the bow and arrows and see what happens :)


Please read the Readme and remember THIS MOD NEEDS OBSE!!!


Get it HERE


By popular demand: Rune Magic!

These are the Midas Magic spell retextures I once made for my character Alba.
"Midas Magic Spells of Aurum" from TESNexus is required!
Get it HERE
Be aware that this isa REPLACER!
So back up your files!